Dance of Reunion



“Dance of Reunion is a touching, amazing story. It made sense to me. A great book!”
Lee & Sherry.


Excerpt from Dance of Reunion:



I can only guide you where I myself was willing to go and it is exclusively my intention to share my experience. On the one hand I would therefore like to motivate you to look beyond the physical reality and accept the non-physical reality as a source of inspiration, but on the other hand you need the physical reality as an indicator of your own course of development. One is just as important as the other!

On a day just like any other day, a day on which I was presuming nothing but my run of the mill chores, a concurrence of situations brought me to a crucial point in my life that changed everything. I will never be the same and my perception of what I thought to be the truth changed permanently. What I consciously experienced, I can never fully describe. I had to look myself in the eye and that was just the beginning.

On that particular day I met Ramses, my twin flame, whilst I was not even thinking about it or looking for it. He found me. What followed was an experience of an unparalleled caliber. I felt so many burning emotions, the deepest layers of myself were cleansed and this brought out the deepest passion in me. I was not able to resist all this and I cried, because I felt lost, so alone, and at the same time there were moments when I felt interconnected and knew that this was everything I had ever wanted, an encounter on a soul level. The time and the place for the encounter was spiritually decided. An intense longing took over me, as a result of which I felt restless, but at the same time I found myself surrendering fully. I was confronted with the depth of my whole being in an unprecedented manner. Countless times, I was very desperate and asked myself if it had not been enough. It was unbearably tough, but at the same time I wanted to trust. The contradiction in everything I felt, was in itself an enormous challenge. The struggle between my head and my heart nurtured the endless uncertainty and hesitation.

There were a few good friends that I could fall back on. Friends that wanted to support me, my heart and soul, but I’d gotten to the stage where I could not even fall back on myself. Nothing was concealed anymore, nothing was secret anymore, and everything from within my deepest center was brought up to the surface. I had to believe! Most of all that! There were so many feelings, at times wild and inconceivable, now and then tranquil and profound. I had to commit to this process and let my heart speak for itself. I saw myself falling, but I knew that this was necessary and that I would get over it, what I did not know was how and when. I saw the concern in the eyes of the people around me; I saw myself and could only allow myself to fall into the deepest depths. In those moments I was supported by words that gave me strength and that provided me with answers to my prayers and consequently I was allowed to see what had actually taken place beyond the illusionary surface of these situations. I was therefore able to let my soul come close by and able to give room to my heart. “Words that soothe the heart are more valuable than jewels.” This is exactly what the scripts offer me. Eventually my thought processes became more peaceful and thus I was able to adjust to the intuitive wisdom in my heart. They were a gift to me in a world where love can be so limited.

I regard Ramses as the person who completely opened me and who gave me the incentive to breaking the circle, the pattern, not only in this life, but from all the lives I had lived! I did not know what came over me immediately, my reasoning could not clarify it, but my soul remembered. Initially I knew deep inside, very deep inside, that I was interconnected with him. Step by step it appeared that it was a connection that shook the foundations of my standards and values. Many of my belief systems were pulled out from under me. He inspired me one way or another and I could see who he was. I saw his beauty, I saw him! Everything was so overwhelming. My heart was invited to feel unconditional love and to connect with my own capacity for loving, whilst at the same time my personality protested heavily. I knew one thing for sure; all incidents that had happened in my life had brought me to this encounter.

And so began the life in which I sometimes did not know how to distinguish whether what I experienced was that of myself or of Ramses. I often felt despair, anger and sorrow and that completely drained me. Then again the overwhelming feeling of love, so I was able to breathe again. And so began the internal conversations that I initially interpreted as a sign that there was something really wrong with me, but from which on the other hand I knew that a shifting in my own perception was taking place and that I had to give in to it calmly, because Ramses and I had access to each other, past the physical boundaries, through only having to think of one another. Distance does not harm unity, the other one is always there. Through the profundity of everything that I felt and experienced, I reached the point where upon I could let go of the sternness and the judgement I had towards myself to the point that it did not bother me anymore what others thought or said. I have nothing to prove and have the guts to give expression to who I am at this very moment.

My experiences with Ramses don’t depict a traditional romantic love. It may nevertheless be seen as a destructive relationship. This all serves another purpose, which will slowly unfold. We all find ourselves in a big transitional phase and a shift in awareness is taking place. Relationships are evolving and sexual experience is growing towards another more fulfilling form. It can just so happen that you meet each other, you and your twin flame. What follows is a completely surpassing recognition, principally energetic, that cannot be denied.

Whatever you’re personal situation, whatever you choose and whichever painful things will come forth, you cannot let go of your twin flame! You can only endlessly cherish him or her!


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